Clash of Clans Wizard

Clash of Clans Wizard

The Wizard is a terrifying presence on the battlefield. Pair him up with some of his fellows and cast concentrated blasts of destruction on anything, land or sky!

Clash of Clans Wizard Level 1 and 2 Clash of Clans Wizard Level 3 Clash of Clans Wizard Level 4 Clash of Clans Wizard Level 5 Clash of Clans Wizard Level 6
 Level 1 & 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6

Clash of Clans Wizard Summary

  • The Wizard is the seventh troop unlocked by the Barracks.
  • The Wizard is the second unit that attacks both ground and air in the game.
  • Wizards have no preferred target when attacking; they will simply attack the closest building to them. However, once they become aware of enemy Clan Castle troops, Heroes or Skeleton Trap skeletons (either by being attacked themselves or being near another friendly troop under attack), they will leave their previously targeted building and engage the enemy troops instead. Once all of the nearby enemy troops are defeated, they will proceed to attack the nearest building from their current location.
  • The Wizard is very similar to the Archer in that he uses a ranged attack and can shoot over Walls. He shoots fireballs or energy blasts that do high damage, but requires support as he has relatively low hitpoints and can easily be killed by point defenses. Wizards are commonly used in large groups for fire support or as a force multiplier (similar to Archers), but they can also be effective in smaller numbers, especially at lower levels.

Clash of Clans Wizard Best Use

Clash of Clans Wizard Weakness

  • Low hit points makes them vulnerable to defenses.
  • Wizards will bunch up in the core of the opponents base making them vulnerable to Giant Bombs or Splash Damage defenses.
  • Takes a long time to train.

Clash of Clans Wizard Upgrade Differences

  • When first unlocked, the Wizard wears a light blue cloak, a black beard, and a brown belt, with a brown tunic underneath. He attacks using fireballs.
  • At level 3, the Wizard’s cloak changes from light blue to purple. His boots become bright purple and his tunic also becomes purplish in color.
  • At level 4, the Wizard attacks with purple lightning bolts instead of fireballs.
  • At level 5, the Wizard’s cloak changes to dark blue, and his boots transition from a purplish color to a blackish color, as well as his tunic.
  • At level 6, the Wizard’s cloak changes to the color red-violet, his belt buckle becomes orange and his eyes turn a shade of yellow. His boots also change to red-violet. His attacks becomes a searing orange energy blasts.

Clash of Clans Wizard Statistics

Preferred Target Attack Type HouSing Space Training Time Movement Speed Attack Speed Barracks Level Required Range
None Area Splash 0.3 Tile Radius (Ground & Air) 4 8m 16 1.5s 7 3 tiles
Level Damage per Second DAMAGE PER Attack Hitpoints Training Cost Research Cost Laboratory Level Required Research Time
1 50 75 75 1,500 N/A N/A N/A
2 70 105 90 2,000 150,000 3 1 day
3 90 135 108 2,500 450,000 4 2 days
4 125 187.5 130 3,000 1,350,000 5 3 days
5 170 255 156 3,500 2,500,000 6 5 days
6 180 270 164 4,000 7,500,000 8 14 days

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