Clash of Clans Jump Spell

Clash of Clans Jump Spell

Walls slowing you down? Try making a shortcut! Cast this spell near enemy walls to create a route straight over them. Your troops will jump over affected wall pieces as if they weren’t even there!”

Clash of Clans Jump Spell Summary

Clash of Clans Jump Spell Best Use

Clash of Clans Jump Spell Statistics

Radius Housing Space Time To Brew Spell Factory Level Required
3.5 tiles 2 30 minutes 4
Level Spell Duration Cost Research Cost Research Time Laboratory Level Required
1 20 Seconds 23,000 N/A N/A N/A
2 40 Seconds 27,000 3,000,000 5 days 6
3 60 Seconds 31,000 6,000,000 7 days 8

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