Clash of Clans Earthquake Spell

Clash of Clans Earthquake Spell

“Weaken walls and buildings with crippling earthquakes! Earthquake Spells damage structures based on their maximum hitpoints. Repeated earthquakes deal decreasing damage to the same buildings, but increasing damage to the same Walls. No wall can withstand the might of four Earthquake Spells!”

Clash of Clans Earthquake Spell Summary

Clash of Clans Earthquake Spell Best Use

Clash of Clans Earthquake Spell Statistics

Radius Damage Type Housing Space Time To Brew Targets Favorite Target Dark Spell Factory Level Required
4 tiles Area Splash 1 15 minutes Buildings & Walls Walls 2
Level Damage Cost Research Cost Research Time Laboratory Level Required
1 14% 125 N/A N/A N/A
2 17% 140 30,000 6 days 6
3 21% 160 60,000 8 days 7
4 25% 180 90,000 12 days 8

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