Clash of Clans Dark Elixir Drill Level 6

Clash of Clans Dark Elixir Drill

“Our Alchemists have finally figured a way to extract pure Dark Elixir, the rarest form of the magical substance.”

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Clash of Clans Dark Elixir Drill Summary

  • The Dark Elixir Drill is unlocked at Town Hall 7.
  • The Dark Elixir Drill collects Elixir from an unlimited underground reserve and stores it until collect by the player and placed into the Dark Elixir Storage. When the Drill is full, production will stop until it is collected (or when capacity is reduced by a raid from an enemy player).
  • The production rate and storage capacity depends on the level of the Dark Elixir Drill.
  • You can estimate the amount of resource in the Drill by looking at how full the glass box is at the top left portion of the Drill.
  • When you choose to upgrade a Dark Elixir Drill, it will automatically collect any uncollected Dark Elixir. If your Dark Elixir Storage is full at the time, the uncollected Dark Elixir will be lost!
  • During an upgrade, the Drill stops production Dark Elixir.
  • Attackers can steal up to 75% of the uncollected Dark Elixir in the Drill. Having too many uncollected resources will make players a more attractive target for raiding.
  • if a Dark Elixir Drill is destroyed in an attack while it is being upgrade, no Dark Elixir will be lost, as the Drill is empty during this time.
  • Drills are not immune to the effects of the Lightning and Earthquake spell.

Clash of Clans Dark Elixir Drill Defensive Strategy

  • Most people put Dark Elixir Drills outside of walls so they can act as a distraction to units such as Barbarians and Archers. This works well if you collect your resources often.
  • Having too many uncollected resources will make you a more attractive target.
  • There is no need to protect Dark Elixir Drills in your war base since your resources can not be stolen in Clan War Attacks.

Clash of Clans Dark Elixir Drill Offensive Strategy

  • It can be difficult to see without zooming in, but you can visually tell approximately how much Dark Elixir a Dark Elixir Drill currently contains by looking at the glass box on the top rear portion of the drill. An empty (clear) box means the Drill is less than 20% full, while a full (black) box means the Drill is at least 60% full.
  • When raiding, the easiest way to tell the difference between the various levels of enemy Drills is to look at the Drill’s footings. Unlike the top of the Drill, there is a very recognizable difference between the footings of all six levels.
  • Pay careful attention to the location of Dark Elixir Drills and defenses behind them when planning your attack.  Dark Elixir Drills are usually only marginally protected and can be quite lucrative, especially at high levels when it hasn’t been collected in a while. Often times a single Archer can be placed in such a way that it can destroy a Drill while standing clear of any defenses.
  • In War Attacks, Dark Elixir Drills are often placed on the exterior of the base. Properly destroying these outer structures and funneling your troops is important when attacking with troops that do not have a favorite target such as Dragons and P.E.K.K.As.

Clash of Clans Dark Elixir Drill Upgrade Differences

  • When initially constructed, the Dark Elixir Drill consists of a huge helical auger suspended from a sturdy wooden frame with mortared stone footings. A large hole framed with wood sits under the auger.
  • At level 2, the Drill’s footings become smooth white stone and the top of the wooden pillars suspending the auger receive plating. Three hexagonal shapes are also added to the top of the drill.
  • At level 3, a large part the drill’s top surface and frame become covered in gold plating and the footings gain a grey metal plate.
  • At level 4 the footings trade their smooth stone and grey plate for smooth dark iron.
  • At level 5 the mining hole increases in size and the footings acquire a gold cover.
  • At level 6 the gold cover on the footings is replaced by a spiked gold plate. The auger itself turns gold as well.

Clash of Clans Dark Elixir Drill Statistics

Town Hall Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Number Available 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 2 3
Level build Cost Build Time Experience Gained Boost Cost (Gems) Capacity Production Rate Hitpoints Time to Fill Catch-Up Point* Town Hall Level Required
1 1,000,000 1d 293 7 160 20/hr 800 8h N/A 7
2 1,500,000 2d 415 10 300 30/hr 860 10h 4d 7
3 2,000,000 3d 509 15 540 45/hr 920 12h 6d 7
4 3,000,000 4d 587 20 840 60/hr 980 14h 12d 9
5 4,000,000 6d 720 25 1,280 80/hr 1,060 16h 18d 9
6 5,000,000 8d 831 30 1,800 100/hr 1,160 18h 32d 9

*The Catch-Up Point is the time in takes a newly upgraded Dark Elixir Drill to equal the total production of the drill had it not been upgraded (Dark Elixir lost during down time). This does not consider recovering the cost of the Elixir required to perform the upgrade. (The Catch-Up Point calculation assumes that the player collects all resources from the Dark Elixir Drill without allowing it to reach its storage capacity, as resource production ceases at that point. This is more of a concern at lower levels where the capacity is limited and Time to Fill is relatively short. If the player is unable to regularly collect and achieve the full potential of the drill, the Catch-Up Point is actually shorter and performing the upgrade becomes more advantageous.)

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