Here is a list of my Top 10 Clash of Clans tips that I wish I knew when I started playing Clash of Clans.

Top 10 Clash of Clans Tips

Here is a list of my Top 10 Clash of Clans Tips that I wish I knew when I started playing Clash of Clans.

  1. Max Out Your Base Before Upgrading Your Town Hall

The most valuable and hardest tip to follow is to MAX out ALL defenses, troops AND walls before upgrading your Town Hall.  There are several reasons why this is important.  If you’re focused on war, having maxed out troops will keep you competitive in the early stages of your new Town Hall level.  During the time you max out your village, it’s a great opportunity to learn, practice and work with new attack strategies and troop compositions.

Another reason why it’s important to Max out your Town Hall is due to the loot penalty incurred when you reach a new Town Hall Level. The following table goes over the loot penalty.

 Town Hall Levels—Loot Multiplier

Town Hall Level Difference Percentage of Loot Available
Same or higher level 100%
1 level lower 90%
2 levels lower 50%
3 levels lower 25%
4 or more levels lower 5%

As an example, maxing out Town Hall 9 Level 10 Lava Walls will cost 750,000,000 gold or elixir.  The amount available to be stolen from storages for each Town Level (the amount stolen doesn’t include resources that can be taken from mines and pumps) is summarized in the following table.

 Gold/Elixir Storages—Lootable by Town Hall Level

Town Hall Level Cap
1-5 200,000
6 200,000
7 250,000
8 300,000
9 350,000
10 400,000

As a TH9 you can steal 400,000 gold/elixir from a TH10, 350,000 from a TH9, 300,000×90%=270,000 from a TH8 and 250,000×50%=125,000 from a TH7.  As a TH9 it’s fairly easy to steal gold from a TH8 by barching.  Let’s say you raid the max of 540,000 elixir and gold per raid focusing on TH8 bases (one level below you).  It will take 750,000,000/540,000=1,388 raids to max out TH9 Lava Walls.  If you were to upgrade to TH10 and then worked on level 10 Lava Walls as a TH10, the most you can steal from TH8 bases (since you are 2 levels away) is 300,000*50%=150,000.  So if you were to raid the max loot each raid (300,000), it will take you 750,000,000/300,000=2,500 raids (80% more raids compared to staying at TH9).  Due to the loot penalty, upgrading to TH10 will take away the easier to raid TH8 and force you to raid harder TH9 bases.  This idea can be applied to all TH levels.  Save yourself the total number of raids you need to do by maxing out your base before upgrading your TH.

Lastly, upgrading your Town Hall early will make more of your resources available to be stolen.  This will slow down the development of your base and force you to raid more to compensate for extra resources being stolen.

Don’t be like my clan mate EMT-Matt who upgraded to TH8 premature and is now struggling to upgrade walls.  Be like my clan mate dreamer who maxed and jaythegreat who “maxed” their TH7 bases and will surpass EMT-Matt rather quickly.

  1. Use Your Gems Efficiently

Buying gold, elixir or dark elixir is the worst use of gems.  This is because you can always raid to get it!  The best use of gems is to buy the additional builders hut.  4 builders huts are plenty to max out your base efficiently.  The 5th builders hut is nice but not necessary.  If you have 5 builders huts, you will max out your defenses much faster than you max out your troops.

Using gems to boost spell factory or barracks is good if you have an hour or two to raid back to back.

Personally, I save my gems to buy time to instant upgrade Heroes or upgrading troop time.  Buying time in longer periods is better than buying short periods of time.  Buying 1 day time costs 260 but buying 7 day time is 1000 (142 per day).  Ideally you should save all your gems for TH9 and by 7 day instant upgrades for your heroes once they’re level 15+.  At TH9 your heroes will take the longest to max out before reaching TH10.

  1. Get More Builders

Early in the game you have 2 builders.  You can easily get your 3rd builder by saving your gems and reaching 1,250 trophies and earning 450 gems for the Sweet Victory Achievement.  With additional builders you will progress each Town Hall level faster.

  1. Always Prioritize Upgrading Camps, Spell Factory & Clan Castle

Attacking in Clash of Clans is a numbers game.  The more troops and spells you have will give you an edge when raiding or attacking in War.  More troops in the CC will help defend your war base against being 3 starred or your farming base from getting all your loot stolen.

  1. The Next Button Is Your Friend

You may think paying to search for an attack will add up if you hit next several times.  However, if you are patient enough, you will find a base that has tons of gold and elixir that will easily pay for the time spent searching.  Your troops take a long time to train, you might as well make the most of it by finding a base loaded with resources rather than settling on a base with few resources.

  1. Use Cheap and Fast Training Troops To Farm

By using cheap troops to farm i.e. barching (barbarian & archers) or bam (barbarian, archers & minions), you maximize your profits and minimize train time to allow you to raid more often.  More raids equates to more loot.

  1. Focus On Finding Full Collectors When Farming

You can steal 50% of the loot from a full collector versus 10-20% of the loot in a full storage.  Most bases are designed with pumps and mines along the edge of the base while the storages are well guarded.  Along the lines of Tip 5, Barbarian and Archers will easily steal massive resources from full collectors if you’re patient enough to use Tip 4.

  1. Always Snipe An Exposed Town Hall

Using tip 4, 5 and 6 can cause you to lose many trophies.  Sniping any exposed TH will help keep your trophy count up and keep you in a desirable farming range.  The easy loot bonus will also help pay for search costs.

  1. Stagger Upgrades

Always keep 1 builder on an upgrade that takes the longest time.  If you wait to do all the long upgrades at the end, you’ll be stuck without a builder for days.  If you keep one builder on long upgrade and time your other upgrades so a builder is free every day or every other day, you can dump excess resources into walls during each upgrade.

  1. Use A Farming Base

You spend a lot of time farming.  Farming bases will help you keep the resources you worked hard to steal.  You hope someone snipes your TH for the easy trophies or loot bonus rather than destroying your whole base.  By doing this you get a free 12 hour shield where nobody can attack you and your loot is safe.  You can always gain trophies on the attack side or by Town Hall sniping.

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  1. Hi 3 starclanwars. I love your site and really love your tips. I just want to know is there any good war base layout that i can use on TH8? Let me know please.

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