Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 (TH8) Clan War Base Design Layout

TH8vsTH8 Most Efficient Way To Kill a Dragon in Hog Rider & Wizard (HoWi) Attack

Attacker TH8: 30 Level 3 Hog Rider, 10 Level 4 Barbarian, 20 Level 4 Archer, 5 Level 4 Wizard, 5 Level 5 Hog Rider, Level 10 Barbarian King, 1 Level 1 Poison Spell, 3 Level 4 Healing Spell

Defender TH8: Level 5 Barbarian King, Rank 17/20

Keys to TH8vsTH8 Most Efficient Way To Kill a Dragon in Hog Rider & Wizard (HoWi) Attack

1. 1 Hog sent in to lure Clan Castle Troop. In this case it was a Dragon and Balloon.
2. Pull Clan Castle Troops to a far corner. It’s always best to pull the Dragon to a corner with no defenses or structures near by. This way any troops dropped will focus on attacking the Dragon and not structures. Also defenses won’t destroy your Clan Castle kill squad allowing for better troop efficiency.
3. In this case it was pulled to the side of the Barbarian King, this is done so that any troops left over from attacking the Clan Castle Troops will attack the Barbarian King.
4. In a HoWi attack, it’s important to destroy the Clan Castle, quickly and efficiently so that time is not an issue when going for 3 stars. In this case, once the Dragon is pulled to the corner, all the archers are spread out to attack the Dragon. The reason you spread them out is that Dragons can attack one area at a time with spash damage. With the troops spread out, it takes time to turn and attack allowing more time for your troops to attack the Dragon.
5. Barbarians dropped one by one to distract the Dragon. Timing is important as you want to drop them one by one just as the previous Barbarian is about to die. This is done to protect the Archers so they don’t die and they focus on defeating the Dragon quickly.
6. Barbarian King dropped to attack opponents Barbarian King and further distract the Dragon. If the Barbarian King is off to the side, always drop your Barbarian King to distract the opponents Barbarian King. This will prevent it from hurting your Hog Riders. The more Hog Riders that survive, the higher your chances of getting 3 stars.
7. Hog Riders released along a flat side lower left destroying as many defenses along one side as possible. This allows the Hog Riders to converge to the middle of the base where you can spread out two Healing Spells.
8. Wizards quickly dropped from the side that the Hogs started. This is done so that the wizards can start destroying non defensive structures away from active defenses. Dropping the Wizards early in the attack will help prevent time from being an issue.
9. Add Clan Castle Hogs to main group of Hog Riders to strengthen their attacking ability.
10. Last Heal saved and used at the top (only real Giant Bomb Gap on the base) to keep Hogs at high health and fresh in case they run into a Giant Bomb while clearing the base.
11. Poison Spell was mis-dropped by it was used to help destroy chasing Skeletons.

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