Clash of Clans Morethanwinning defeats Pinoy2k-War Stats & Heroic Attack TH9 vs TH9

Morethanwinning defeats Pinoy2k-War Stats & Heroic Attack TH9 vs TH9

All our members came from different war clans. We developed a core of like-minded people and started our current clan called MoreThanWinning. Don’t misread the name. it doesn’t mean winning isn’t important

There aren’t many clans who achieve perfect scores. But the name signifies that winning isn’t enough. We don’t tolerate immaturity, problem members, or inactivity. We don’t take anything seriously except war and ensuring that our clan remains a fun place to be. We war constantly, but we also have members regularly step out for the war search when they need a break or need to upgrade. They just leave for the war search, then come back right away and farm while we war. We have no donation rations because we don’t need them.

We don’t care about your level. We have a maxed TH10 and two others not far behind. We have several near-max TH9s and many strong Th8s.. We also have a few players at 7, 6, and even 5. The key is activity, willingness to learn (or teach) and being good for your level. We could fill up with 20 Th10s tomorrow based on sniping the opponents who try to join us after we war with them. But we don’t want 50 members. We want 30ish members who can both be good at the game and decent to each other.

If this interests you, PM me, KIK rryan28, or stop by Morethanwinning in CoC and mention that you are from the forums or 3StarsClanWars. If your join message doesn’t say that, you won’t be accepted regardless of level because we don’t recruit from global or allow unknowns.

To watch all the winning 3 stars attacks from this war, Click Here

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