Clash of Clans 3 Stars Clan Wars

Clash of Clans 3 Stars Clan Wars

The best way to learn Clash of Clans attack strategies is by watching replays of successful 3 stars attacks. Every base design is slightly different due to the strength, location of defensive structures (mortars, archer towers, cannons, air defenses, wizard tower, hidden tesla, x-bows and inferno towers) and traps (bombs, giant bombs, spring traps, air bombs, seeking air mines and skeleton traps). The attack strategies used in these replays will give you a general guide of how to approach your attacks.  Troop combination and spells used is listed below each replay. The listed troops includes troops from the Clan Castle.

To view replays, click on the image of the base layout you want to watch get 3 starred or click continue reading just below the picture (this will take you to the page where the replay is located). New replays will be added frequently.  Newer replays will appear first on the home page and searches.

Use the categories drop down menu located at the left sidebar of the page to display replays for specific Town Hall level Attackers, Defenders or Attack Styles.  Tags at the lower left of the page will help you search for replays that include specific level troops or spells used.

Try the Advanced Search page to find replays such as a specific Town Hall level using a certain attack style or a lower level Town Hall 3 starring a higher level Town Hall (if available) or search replays that contain a combination of specific level troop.

Here are several helpful links to help you view replays for each Town Hall Level.

Attacker TH5: vs TH5
Attacker TH6: vs TH6
Attacker TH7: vs TH7, vs TH8, Balloon, Balloonian, Barch, Dragloon, Dragloonion, Dragon, Dragonion, GiBarch, GiWi, GiWiHe, GiWiHeLoon, Hog Rider, HoWiMixed Troop
Attacker TH8: vs TH8, vs TH9, Balloon, Balloonion, Dragloon, Dragloonion, Dragon, Dragonion, GiBarch, GiWi, GiWiHe, GiWiPe, GoWi, GoWiPe, GoWiWi, GoWiWiPe, HoDrag, Hog Rider, HoWi, HoWiWi, PeWi
Attacker TH9: vs TH9, vs TH10, Balloonion, Dragloon, Dragon, GiWi, GiWiHe, GoGiWiWiLoon, GoLavaloonionGoWi, GoWiPe, GoWiPeLoon, GoWiVaPe, GoWiWi, GoWiWiLoon, GoWiWiPe, GoWiWiPeLoon, GoWiWiVa, GoWiWiVaPe, HoDrag, HoDragloon, Hog Rider, HoGiWiWi, HoGoWi, HoGoWiPe, HoGoWiWi, HoLoGoWiWiHoLoWiWi, HoWi, LavaDragloon, Lavaloon, Lavaloonion, Mixed Troop, PentaLavaloon, QuattroLavaloonQuattroLavaloonionVaGiWiWiPe
Attacker TH10: vs TH10, Dragloon, Dragon, GiWiWi, GoLavaloonionGoWiPe, GoWiVa, GoWiWi, GoWiWiPe, GoWiWiPeLoon, Hog Rider, HoGoWi, HoGoWiWi, HoGoWiWiPe, HoWi, HoWiWi, Lavaloon, Lavaloonion, Mixed Troop, QuattroLavaloonion

Here are links to base designs or layouts (some good, some bad) grouped by Town Hall level, all of which have been 3 starred. Some of these Clan War Bases are common, others not as much, but they may give you ideas on how to design your base.

Base Designs & Layouts: Town Hall 5, Town Hall 6, Town Hall 7, Town Hall 8, Town Hall 9, Town Hall 10

Shortlinks at the end of each post is based on a unique post #.  Use this to reference an attack if you want to share a specific replay with clan members ( but replace the XXXX with the shortlink #)!

Good Luck & Clash On!