Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 (TH9) Clan War Base Design Layout V Moat Base Design

Clash of Clans TH9 vs TH9 Four Lava Hound & Balloon (QuattroLavaloon) Clan War 3 Star Attack

Attacker TH9: 3 Level 2 Lava Hound, 1 Level 3 Lava Hound, 24 Level 6 Balloon, 2 Level 6 Archer, 3 Level 5 Minion, Level 22 Archer Queen, Level 22 Barbarian King, 1 Level 2 Haste Spell, 4 Level 5 Rage Spell

Defender TH9: Level 10 Archer Queen, Level 11 Barbarian King, Rank 4/20

Keys to Clash of Clans TH9 vs TH9 Four Lava Hound & Balloon (QuattroLavaloon) Clan War 3 Star Attack

1. 2 Balloons were used to pull the Clan Castle Troops (1 Balloon is to absorb defensive attacks, the 2nd Balloon is to enter the Clan Castle range to pull out the opponents Clan Castle Troop. In this case, a Dragon was pulled out.
2. Destroying the opponents Clan Castle Troops quickly and efficiently is important in getting 3 stars. In this case, the Archer Queen targeting the left most Builder’s Hut pulled the Dragon into the corner and with her ability was able to quickly kill off the Dragon.
3. The Lava Hounds were released in pairs from the left side of the base attacking from behind the Air Sweeper, this is important so that the Lava Hound and Balloons don’t get slowed down.
4. After the Lava Hounds gains the attention of defensive structures, Balloons are released in sets of 2 or 3 with each set of Balloons targeting different defenses along the outer edge of the base.
5. Rage placement to help loons power through the left side of the base.
6. Notice how the attack goes from the WIDER side of the base to Narrower core. This is important for QuattroLavaloon attacks as this allows Balloons to converge to defenses on the second part of the base and helps to maximize Rage Spells.
7. As the Lava Hounds move to the 2nd set of Air Defenses, Loons are used to take out remaining Archer Towers from the back side.
8. The Barbarian King is used to distract the Archer Tower on the back side as well.
9. Minions dropped at an angle to help destroy the Town Hall and eventually help kill the opponents Archer Queen.

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