Clash of Clans Town Hall 10 (TH10) Clan War Base Design Layout

Clash of Clans TH10 vs TH10 Healer, Lava Hound & Balloon (Queen Walk) Clan War 3 Star Attack

Attacker TH10: 5 Level 4 Healer, 2 Level 7 Giant, 5 Level 6 Wall Breaker, 2 Level 3 Lava Hound, 22 Level 6 Balloon, 7 Level 6 Minion, Level 40 Archer Queen, Level 40 Barbarian King, 3 Level 3 Haste Spell, 2 Level 5 Rage Spell, 2 Level 5 Freeze Spell

Defender TH10: Level 40 Archer Queen, Level 27 Barbarian King, Rank 5/15

Keys to Queen Walk (Walking Queen) Attack

1. The Healers targeting the Archer Queen takes out most of the exterior structure of the base.
2. An important structure that the Archer Queen destroys is an Air Defense.
3. Archer Queen ability timing to destroy opponents Archer Queen.
4. Giants used to pull opponents Clan Castle Troops.
5. Spell placement of the Rage to cover Archer Queen to destroy Clan Castle troops and cover Healers for faster Archer Queen healing.
6. Barbarian King and Wall Breakers used to destroy a second Air Defense.
7. Lava Hounds targeting each remaining Air Defense.
8. Balloons spread to attack outer defenses so they converge to the core.
9. Freeze Inferno Towers and Rage over them so Balloons destroy them fast.
10. Minions used for clean up.

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