Have Your Clan Victory Featured!

Want to feature your clan’s 3 star attacks on the 3StarsClanWars Youtube Channel and this website?

Click Here For Entry Page To Submit Your Clan

Enter below!

Winner will be drawn at random on 2/15/15.

Once you have a great win, I’ll stop by your clan and record all your 3 star attacks & feature your win!

Please make sure you log in with an email, twitter, facebook you check. I haven’t been able to reach some of the past winners. Good Luck!

Clan Victory 2/1

6 thoughts on “Have Your Clan Victory Featured!”

      1. my clan name is KratosCoc. I want to submit a TH9 vs TH9 GoWiWiPe attack, attacker: alejandro (2 level 4 golems, 20 level 5 wizards, 4 level 1 witches, 2 level 3 pekkas, 2 level 5 archers, 4 level 6 archers, BK level 6 and archer queen level 6

  1. Just 3 starred a solid th10. Not a lot of th10 replays on this site so let me know if your interested in the replay! Quattrolavaloon

  2. Hey! I just 3 starred a TH( without AQ) being a TH8, using GOHOWiWi. Come and stop by my clan.
    Clan Name: Beamers
    Clan Tag: #PYLYL2YP
    IGN: L2kLinea

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